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AnFarra.... CKC registered Russell Terriers


~~~~~~~~~~~~"Breeding your Champion Family Companion"~~~~~~~~~~~~

Welcome to "AnFarra" AKC registered and CKC miscellaneous registered, purebred Russell Terriers, home of the endearing shorter 10-12" type of JRTs.


**** Dec 2021 Update.....

We have Puppies !!

DOB Nov 17th, 2021

We have a litter of 6 puppies, two males and four females.

They will be ready for their new homes Mid Jan 2022, after their vet check and first vaccinations.

CKC registered non breeding, Price is $1800.00

Please call us regarding availablity, or any questions you many have, 705 939 1999

We have litters planned of rough coated puppies for loving homes .

Typically in any Year have a litter in the Spring, Summer & in the Fall .....

We do have several reservations at this time, ...

We allot choice or selection of puppy in the order reservations/deposits arrive, as that is the only fair way we know of doing so.

Please contact us by calling 705 939 1999 if interested in reserving your CKC registered "Russell" puppy, as we only accept reservations once after having spoken with prospective puppy owners, we do not accept reservations just over the internet,....

Parents are Griff & Haley, shown here.....

Please give us a call to discuss.....705 939 1999 ,....Thank you !

IF interested in one of our 10-12" tall short Russell Terriers, please give us a call to reserve 705 939 1999.

Selection of puppy is allotted in the order that deposits arrive. ~~~~

Puppies will be CKC miscellaneous non breeding registered, have a two year hereditary health guarantee, vet exam, first vaccinations, micro chipped.... Price is $1,800.00 + HST with a $300.00 non refundable deposit required, unless we can't provide you with a puppy, to secure your puppy.
We allot choice of puppy in the order deposits/reservations arrive.....
Spaying and nuetering of our CKC non breeding PET puppies is STRICTLY ENFORCED .

*** Show quality puppies with breeding rights are $5,000.00 with HST included, and must be shown, and health testing completed.

Pictured is a puppy from a past litter in early 2017 to give you an idea of how adorable our rough coated puppies are.....

***Pictured here is a past litter of our puppies at 15 days of age, for your enjoyment to see.....

Pictured at 9 weeks below, another one of our Russell Terrier puppies...
~~~~~~~~Tess pictured at 9 weeks.

~~~~~~~ Piper, full out play, LOL...

*****Please read some of the comments we receive from our Puppy owners regarding their "AnFarra" Russell Terrier puppies, at the bottom of the page.....

Please call us if interested in having one of our "Russell Terrier" also known as the shorti Jack Russell, join your home, 705 939 1999.

We have long enjoyed the shorter Jack Russell Terrier, as they tend to have the calmer, easy to live with characters, yet a lively manner, along with their keen intelligence.

Their day to day antics coupled with the above attributes have made our "Russell Terriers" the most enjoyable companions to share our lives in all we do.

~~~ ~~~~~~

LOL,.... There is a reason why you see so many shorti JRTs or "Russell Terriers" in TV shows, like "Eddy" on Fraser", and in TV commercials, and on You Tube videos riding ponies, and performing in general,......they are very trainable and so very appealing !!

Being so easily trained and very obedient, and compact in size, ours go everywhere with us, be it boating, camping, horse shows, pleasure trail riding, trips of all sorts, and participating in day to day chores.

~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

For those owners of a competitive nature, they can excell at near any pursuit you put one of our "Russell Terriers" to..... Being keen trackers, they can achieve tracking titles, obedience titles, agilty, flyball, the new CKC "Chaseability" performance event which is similar to sight hound "lure-coursing", and near every other working title possible that may interest you.

In Ontario we are also fortunate to have a "Barn Hunt" association/registry, which is tremendous fun competing in what the "Russell Terriers" were meant to do, hunt vermin.


Now being recognised as their own breed apart from the taller Parson Terrier, the shorter " Russell Terrier " bred to the foundation Australian show "Standard" can also be shown in the conformation ring in UKC shows, AKC and are now newly accepted in the Miscellaneous or "Listed" catagory with the Canadian Kennel Club, on their way to full recognition with the CKC.

The "Russell Terriers" come in all three coat types, smooth, broken and rough.

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Our farm is located in Ontario Canada, immediately north of Belleville and just 15 mins from the 401, and is super easy to find.

Merely about two hours, if that , east of Toronto OR three hours from Ottawa, as we are mid way between both.

705 939 1999
**** (new pictures coming as we are just under construction/renovations)

As of July 1st 2016 the "Russell Terrier" was able to be shown in the conformation ring and performance events in Canada, as we move the Russell Terrier towards full CKC breed recognition..........

July 1st, Canada Day the Holiday long weekend we were competing in the CKC show ring for the first time with the "Russell Terriers"......

Our under 6 month," baby puppy" "AnFarra Griff" took "Best Baby Puppy" in the Terrier Group at TWO shows !!

To top our first weekend off in the CKC ring, "Duster" & Farrah received their first Group 4 win/placement under judge Brian Taylor, who was charmed by this duo,....WHAT a way to end the first show weekend off !!!

"Duster" our first Canadian champion at "AnFarra" Russell Terriers, Oct 2016.

"Duster" awarded a certificate for being in the top five for Russell Terriers in 2016, he attained fourth place in Canada with minimum campaigning by his 12 year old owner/show handler,...Congratulations again Farrah and Duster !!

~~~~~~ CKC members since 1997, of this year 2017 a LIFETIME CKC member...!!!!

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ If interested in one of our superior quality, charming and registered " Russell Terrier" puppies, please do contact us at 705 939 1999
or email at

Our puppies are CKC miscellaneous non breeding registered, or a show puppy with breeding rights can be discussed, with stipulations.

****We reserve the final right to cancel any puppy reservation with a full refund due to any circumstance, and our comfort level with any home will be the final determining factor.

Please enjoy some of the comments we have received from our puppy owners regarding our "Russell Terrier" puppies...Ö


Dec 23, 2021


Well percy is almost 2 years old.

I have to thank you for this special little puppy. He has lit up my life.

Having constant chronic pain he keeps me going but in a good way. 2 long walks a day and playing with his ball and toys on the living room floor.

He's just been amazing.
Also whenever i need a nap or its bed time he is right there on top of me.

Thank you again.

Stay safe and have the best possible Christmas you can.


****owner located by Peterborough, Ontario


DEC 6,2021

Hi Angie,

Please find attached, a copy of Harlow's Spay Certificate from the May 29 litter .

Harlow is the best girl and has been an awesome side kick at work with me, enjoying endless hours of running free in the woods. She is constantly entertaining and loves the snow right now. I'm very happy with my puppy and may need another one in the next couple of years! I included some pictures I've taken over the last few months. I hope this email finds you well.

Best Regards! :) -Heather

*** owner is located in Ontario and we hope to hear from her for her second puppy from us, as indicated.


Tue 2019-11-05 7:35 AM

Hi Angie,

Everything is wonderful! Poncho is adapting very well. He is also responding very well to training. He is already doing target training very well and eager to learn. Next trick is coming when I call him.

I know my mother is still very interested in the new litter, especially because Poncho is a sweetheart. I will have her touch base with you about the puppies.

Thanks for following up and I will send you updates about Poncho as he progresses.

Thanks again for the wonderful puppy!

Best regards,

Eric B


Tue 2019-11-05 8:31 AM

 Hi Angie, she is great!

Such a fast learner and a loving puppy! She does keep us on our toes, not a dull moment. ;) She played fetch yesterday for the first time and loves to run in the grass even with the cold weather. We just have to stick to the rules and the routine and iím sure she will be an amazing dog!

Thanks for your help and we will let you know if we have any questions (iím sure they will come).



Sept 28, 2017

Hi Angie,

I just wanted to say how much we treasure and enjoy having Lucia (Lucy) in our household .

She has been a great addition and was exactly† what we hoped she would be.

Once again thank you for breeding such incredibly perfect companions.

Kind regards
Angie S
Collingwood Ontario

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our Wonderful Puppy Pip

Tue 01-17, 5:31 PM

Hi Angie,

Just a note to let you know how happy we are with our little female "Pip" that we picked up on December 1st.† We found her totally socialized and she fit into our family immediately.

She loves her big sister Winnie (black German Shepherd) and has little trouble keeping up with her. She is a spunky, adorable, highly intelligent little dog with the heart of a lion.

Having had Jacks since 1975 (the last 3 were rescues) Pip is exactly the dog I wanted - size, temperament and coat.† I love her!

Thank you.† So glad I picked Anfarra Russell Terriers for my special puppy.

† Regards,
Mary Long

****Lovely email from Mary, residing in Ontario regarding the little female puppy she chose from our Fall 2016 litter.


Dear Angie;

Thank you again SO much for 'Sadie' aka Anfarra Shady Sadie Alphaloup.

To say she's a joy to own would be an understatement.

She bounced out of her crate at the Air Cargo counter so happy & clean one would think she had been hand delivered directly from a grooming salon.

In addition I'd like to thank you as well as other key Russell breeders for promoting this breed to the point it can now compete in CKC sanctioned events.

Yours truly
Dean G, Conception Bay South Newfoundland

*** Dean has one of our show Russell Terrier puppies that he will be showing in the Maritimes.


Sat Dec 12, 2016

Hi. Angie. Winston is wonderful and so smart. Our house has been full of people to welcome him.

Winston is getting used to his new harness and goes outside for a little bit of exercise. He does a few pees and poos outside and seems to love the snow. A few minutes at a time seems quite enough for now.

I am so glad his brother found a new home and quite close.

Winston has really made our family happy and he loves people. He runs and slides down the hall chasing his toys.

. Enjoy today.
Judy N.

Winston is sitting at my feet while I send this message.

***** Judith is one of our new Russell puppy owners near Millbrook, On